Get Help with Rent

Looking for Rent Assistance?

Housing Works is the sole administrator for HUD’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties.  Here are the steps and requirements for low-income families or individuals to apply for Housing Choice Vouchers to get help with rent.

1.  Review the program requirements to determine which voucher program is available to you.  Housing Works has three separate types of vouchers. The regular Housing Choice Voucher, Non-Elderly Disabled vouchers and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers. The regular Housing Choice Voucher serves low-income households. The Non-Elderly Disabled vouchers serve those under 62 years of age and disabled.  Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers serve chronically homeless veterans determined eligible through the local Veterans Affairs (VA) office.

2.  We receive many more requests for assistance than the number of vouchers available.  All qualifying applicants are placed on the waitlist to which they have applied.

  • The regular Housing Choice Voucher waitlist opens for a one-week period each January. The order of this waitlist is determined through random lottery selection.
  • The Non-Elderly Disabled waitlist opens for one week each February. The order of this waitlist is determined on a first come, first served basis.
  • Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers are allocated by the local VA office. To contact the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers referral line for an eligibility determination please call 877-424-3838
  • Click on this link to Apply For a Housing Choice Voucher

(Check with Housing Works staff for exact dates of waitlist openings as they vary from year to year.)

3.  If there is sufficient funding to issue additional vouchers, Housing Works will choose names from the waiting lists in order of their placement and according to HUD guidelines. The order of the Housing Choice Voucher waitlist is determined through a random lottery drawing. The Non-Elderly Disabled waiting list is decided on a first come, first served basis.

4.  Those applicants selected from the waitlist have their income and eligibility verified. We also conduct background checks for all applicant household members over the age of 18.  Those who pass these verifications receive vouchers to use towards rent.

5.  If you are not selected from the waitlist, your name stays in order of placement.  You will be eligible for consideration the next time a voucher drawing is held.

Award of a Housing Choice Voucher is determined solely by the application process described above.  Housing Works is an equal opportunity housing provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, or family status.

Still have questions?  Get the FAQs.