For Investors Committed to Affordable Housing in Central Oregon

For over 30 years, Housing Works has been delivering award winning developments to the communities it serves in Central Oregon.  Housing Works is the largest provider of affordable housing in the region and the path to this success has been through strong partnerships with a common vision.  Collaborations with community banks, national equity investors, USDA Rural Development, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Oregon Housing and Community Services, and local nonprofit service providers and municipalities has been key to this success.  One of the trademarks of Housing Works is the deep commitment to constructing and maintaining high caliber housing that integrates seamlessly into the community and provides dignity for the residents who call these affordable communities their home.

Through a generous grant from Meyer Memorial Trust, Housing Works produced a video in 2015 illustrating the current housing crisis in Central Oregon. The video describes affordable housing, who it serves and the challenges builders of affordable housing face. You can watch that video here: 

The Housing Works portfolio provides over 800 units that encompass the following:

  • Workforce and senior LIHTC developments
  • 514/516 Farm-worker developments
  • Special needs housing (CMI, Homeless, Crisis)
  • Land lease homeownership

Opportunity exists at Housing Works and we would like to hear from anyone who is interested in affordable housing in the Central Oregon area.  Contact Housing Works’ Development Director to discuss how we can combine our visions to create the next award winning affordable community.

Recent Housing Works Development Projects

Putnam Pointe
Bend, Oregon







Putnam Pointe, developed in 2009, is a 33 unit mid-rise apartment building with the focus to serve families (up to 60% of Area Median Income). It has a combination of one- and two-bedroom units with commercial offices at street level. Funding sources included LIHTC (Low-income Housing Tax Credit); OAHTC (Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credit); HOME investment partnership program;  LIWP (Low -income Weatherization Program).

Canyon East
Madras, Oregon



Canyon East, developed in 2011, is a 24 unit garden/walk-up apartment community with a focus to serve farm-workers (up to 80% of Area Median Income). It has a combination of  two- , three- , and four-bedroom units. Funding sources included RD 514/516 (USDA Rural Development); HOME investment partnership program; Trust Fund Program;  FWTC (Farm Worker Tax Credit); LIWP (Low-income Weatherization Program).