Housing Works’ Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) is administered through policies outlined in its Administrative Plan. The plan has been approved by the Board of Commissioners.  Housing Works, as a public housing authority (PHA), must adopt a written administrative plan that establishes local policies for program administration. The plan must conform with HUD regulations and state the PHA’s policy in those areas where the PHA has discretion to establish local policy.

Housing Works’ full Administrative Plan is available in PDF format by clicking here:

2020 Administrative Plan

2021 Administrative Plan


Each PHA is also required to develop and maintain a PHA plan (“Annual Plan”) which must articulate the PHA’s mission statement and spell out the agency’s long-term and short-term plans consistent with the mission statement. The Annual Plan is a requirement initiated by the Public Housing Reform Act of 1998.

Housing Works’ full Annual Plan is available in PDF format by clicking here:

                                                2020 5-Year PHA Plan     2021 Annual PHA Plan