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The Moving Forward Program offers two loan options: security deposit assistance loans and grants up to $1,500, and a credit builder loan product. We report our loans directly to the credit bureaus monthly providing the opportunity for borrowers to build a positive credit history. The program also requires loan and grant recipients to access and complete financial enrichment courses.

The program has provided 114 loans totaling $83,709 and 65 grants totaling $65,542 between 01/2018 and 12/2021. 179 families have accessed safe affordable housing thanks to the generous support we receive in funding this program from our many partners.

The program is limited to Housing Choice Voucher (HCV, formerly Section 8) holders and residents living in Housing Works properties. Loan and grant availability may be impacted by program funding, and are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

​If you meet this criteria and would like more information, contact Families Forward.



Credit Builder loans offer a great opportunity for borrowers who have little or no credit history to establish, and build credit. Borrowers make monthly installment payments to Families Forward for 1 year and their payment history is reported to the credit bureaus. Families Forward holds the funds paid on loan and then refunds  the money the borrower has paid at the end of the loan term to the borrower. The borrower builds credit, and saves money. A true win-win!  For more information on obtaining a credit builder loan, contact Families Forward.



VIDA is a five-to-one matched savings program in partnership with CASA of Oregon. Savings can be used for the following asset building categories, home purchase, home repair, small business development, post-secondary education, vehicle purchase or retirement.  Participants are required to take financial and asset specific training to ensure successful program completion. This program gives priority enrollment access to participants on the Housing Works, PATHWorks program.

For more information on starting a VIDA account, contact Families Forward.


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