HomeQuest Ground Lease Program

Program not currently accepting applications. 

To expand opportunities for home ownership to more moderate-income households, Housing Works created our innovative Ground Lease program.  We acquire and rehab existing houses, or develop new properties, then sell these homes to qualified homebuyers.  The home buyer owns the improvements while Housing Works retains ownership of the land, which significantly lowers the cost of the home to the buyer.

In addition to bringing home ownership within reach of more first-time buyers, the program is a win for developers/builders who know they have secure commitments for new homes in advance.

How It Works:

  1. Developers/builders sell or donate land or an existing home to Housing Impact.  We work with contractors to develop new housing on the site or renovate the existing as needed.
  2. Housing Impact retains ownership of the land to create tax advantages that ensure long-term affordability.
  3. Eligible buyers purchase the home and lease the land from Housing Impact, significantly reducing the cost of homeownership.
  4. To assure the greatest chance of success for all, homeowners get on-going mentoring—on home maintenance, record-keeping, foreclosure prevention, insurance, good neighbor practices, etc.—so the joint investment is protected.
  5. When occupants decide to sell, the homeowners realize a percentage of the home’s appreciation, leaving the remaining value in the home to make it affordable for the next home buyer.

Are You Eligible?

  • Available to those earning up to 80% of Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Must reside or work in Deschutes, Crook or Jefferson Counties
  • First-time homebuyers only (no ownership interest in the past three years) or a single parent or displaced homemaker who owned a home with his or her spouse, with some exceptions
  • Must fulfill a personal homeownership action plan, including successful completion of financial literacy, budgeting and home buying courses
  • Must show income sufficient to support a mortgage and homeownership expenses
  • Property must be occupied by owner, and not used for business or group home

Your income needs to be at or below the following income limits (80% of AMI)

Household Size

Deschutes County