For Landlords

A key to expanding access to affordable apartments in Central Oregon is our rental assistance partnership with HUD (the federal government’s housing department) and Central Oregon landlords.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also called Section 8, enables very low-income households to rent units from private landlords with subsidies administered by Housing Works.

Through the Housing Choice Voucher program, Housing Works awards Housing Assistance Payments (vouchers) to those in need.  Voucher holders may apply these subsidies to rent at either Housing Works-owned properties or in privately-owned properties.  Tenants pay any difference between the value of their vouchers and the market price.

Benefits for Landlords Accepting Housing Choice Vouchers

  • On time, reliable and guaranteed rental payments.  Housing Works pays a set portion of your tenant’s rent directly to you on the first of each month.  The renter pays the difference.
  • Potential for higher occupancy & lower turnover.  Participating landlords broaden their pool of prospective tenants.  Since voucher holders sign a one-year lease, many become long-term, dependable residents.
  • Standard charges and fees.  The same security deposits and late fees in effect for private-market renters are applicable to voucher renters.

Landlord Eligibility Requirements

  • Initial & annual inspections.  To be part of the Housing Choice Voucher program, each unit is inspected to ensure that it meets the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) set forth by the federal government.  This is required as part of our commitment to provide safe, sanitary affordable housing to participants.
  • Enroll in direct deposit.  Housing Works sends rental assistance payments directly to landlords’ bank accounts each month.  You simply register your choice of bank account with us.
  • Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract. Landlords must comply with the terms of the HAP Contract, executed between the landlord and Housing Works.

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Additional Resources

Certain landlord requirements affect some unfairly through something called disparate impact. Watch this video to understand what disparate impact is and how you can avoid it.

Additionally, here is a short video on Oregon’s Source of Income Law that protects Section 8 voucher holders from being denied housing just because they have a voucher and also explains why landlords can feel more secure in renting to voucher holders.

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