Commitment + Education + Coaching = A Home of Her Own

[For Build My Future page: Eziquia Benitez]

A proud single mother of four, Eziquia Benitez would not take “no” for an answer.  She was determined to own her own place where she could continue raising her family.

Her quest to become a homeowner began in 2000, when she was earning $6 an hour as a cook.  With her kids as inspiration, Eziquia entered Housing Works’ PATHWorks program (formerly Family Self-Sufficiency), where she got coaching on what home ownership would take.

Over three years, she earned her GED while working long hours to support her family. And she kept checking off items on her homeownership action plan.  She completed homeownership courses, opened a VIDA savings account [link] to cover down payment and closing costs, and enlisted lenders to assist her in finding that dream home.

It took many years for Eziquia’s preparation, strong credit history, steady employment and the right combination of assistance and affordability to come to fruition.

With a USDA Rural Development loan in hand, she qualified to utilize her Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to assist with a portion of her mortgage payment through Housing Works’ Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Option [link].  With the assistance of our staff, Eziquia signed a contract to have a new home constructed in a redevelopment area in Madras.

When Eziquia accepted the keys to her brand new home in March 2007, she described it as the greatest achievement of her life.  Her children agree.

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