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Success stories

Money for Home Ownership & More Through the PATHWorks Program

Jessica F. needed housing assistance.  She had a nine-month-old baby and another on the way and could barely scrape together money for monthly rent.   Rental assistance in the form of a Housing Choice Voucher became her life support.  With this help, Jessica was able to start working toward financial independence through Housing Works’ PATHWorks program. […]

Creating a New Homeowner & Revitalizing a Neighborhood

Albree W. was renting a home that was going through foreclosure.  When she received the notice, she realized she and her son would have to move. When she met with Housing Works she learned she qualified for the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Option program.  She also heard about down payment assistance available through the Neighborhood […]

Converting a Housing Choice Voucher to Mortgage Payments

Jill R. had owned a home before, but couldn’t keep it when she became disabled and was unable to work.  She was living in Washington but eager to make a fresh start in Central Oregon, and hopeful she might be able to once again afford to own. Through Housing Works, Jill completed PATHWorks financial literacy classes and […]

Getting on Stable Footing with Help from Housing Works

Getting on Stable Footing with Help from Housing Works Within three years of enrolling in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (now PATHWorks), Kristina C. found full-time employment, established a budget and improved her credit.  She accumulated over $3500 in an escrow savings account, which she used to pay off her remaining bills and started a savings […]

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