Owning a Home Without Paying for the Land

As a single parent, Jennifer B. was motivated to own a home in a good, safe, healthy neighborhood where she could raise her daughter.

Working with Housing Works, Jennifer developed a plan to raise her credit score and manage her spending.  She continued working hard at her full-time job which led to higher income.  Because she was a participant in PATHWorks,  she dedicated a part of these increases in her wages into her escrow savings account [link], which grew to thousands of dollars to assist with a down payment on a home.

She also completed financial fitness and homeownership classes.  She was well prepared when a new homeownership opportunity became available through our HomeQuest Ground Lease Program. [link]

Housing Works contracted with Habitat for Humanity to build the house.  Jennifer purchased the home, paying closing costs with part of her escrow funds.  She leases the land from Housing Works for a small amount each month.

Jennifer even had remaining escrow savings to pay for furniture and start a new savings plan for her daughter—and her future.

Interested in home ownership? Find out more about PATHWorks [link to email].

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